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Why an UNESCO Mevlana Rumi Year

By Murat Kirbaçoglu
Konya - On the 3rd International Mevlana congress at the Selçuk University of Konya, authors Mohamed el-Fers and Dr. Veyis Güngör announced that the 800th anniversary of the birth of Mevlana should be an European Celebration of tolerance, reason and access to knowledge.

According the principles and through the love of Mevlânâ.

Four Turkish Ministers of State present agreed. Mr. Mehmet Aydin, Secretary of State: Why limit the most eminent philosopher and greatest mystic writer of Islam to Europe only? The whole world needs Mevlâna!

In January 2005, the Turkish Permanent Delegation to UNESCO requested the Director-General of the UNESCO to assiciate UNESCO in 2007 with the 800th anniversary of the birth of Mevlânâ.

This request was supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, as Mevlânâ was born there.
The Director-General noted that this Eminent philosopher and mystical poet of Islam advocated tolerance, reason and access to knowledge through love. His mystical relationship with Islam produced masterpieces that have marked Islamic culture and religious beliefs, well beyond the borders of Turkey. His work and thought remain universally relevant today.and that Mevlana met the criteria 'adopted by the Executive Board at its 159th session'. The Director-General mentioned that Rumi was born ten years after the founding of the city of Moscow and proposed UNESCO to be associated with the celebration of his 800th anniversary in 2007. Turkey, Afghanistan and Egypt are the countries that official by gouvernment promote the UNESCO celebrations. But a great part of these celebrations will take place in the Netherlands. Result of the fact that both authors Mohamed el-Fers and Dr. Veyis Güngör, rirst to propose to celebrate the birth of the Master of the Free Spirit are from Holland.


As the 8th centenial is calculated according the Gregorian calendar (the 6 Rabi'al-Awwal 604 equals 30 September 1207) , the 800th anniversary of Mevlana's birth according the hijra (muslim) calendar memorated in in Iran and Afghanistan took place on Sunday 11 December 1983 C.E.


Octavo centenario del nacimiento de Mevlana Celaleddin-i Belhi-Rumi (Mawlana Jalal-u-Ddin Balkhi-Rumi), poeta y filósofo

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Mr Veyis Güngör of Türkevi Amsterdam was very happy with the UNESCO support, as 'it is a guaranty that the whole world will have access to the mystical knowledge of the masterpieces Mevlânâ produced. '
Mr. Mohamed el-Fers said that 'the work of Mevlânâ and his thoughts continue to have universal relevance today, well beyond the borders of Turkey or Europe.

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